We were fortunate  to be invited to work on the center three story staircase at the 2006 NSO(National Symphony
Orchestra) Show House in Potomac, MD, for Washington designer Stan Kelly.

This area is a three story staircase with a circular stair.  It features exquisite trim fitting of an English country home.  
Four sets of true divided lite French doors with sidelights and wide picture frame casings, 130 spindles, two niches,
crown molding, seven wall sconces and a grand chandelier with large plaster medallion make this a stunning canvas.  
Our task in this space is to repair and prep all the trim to a smooth finish, and paint all trim, spindles, handrail,  
ceilings, curved walls and medallion with the finest English  Farrow and Ball  paint.  Mr Kelly choose three off whites
that create a soothing elegant atmosphere.  The walls will be papered in a true English paper also by Farrow and Ball
featuring a simple  climbing vine.  Following is the before, during and completed photos as published in the Winter
2007 edition of "Home & Design" Magazine.
The main floor and the upper landing with crystal chandelier.  The floors
and handrail are covered and taped.  The walls are repaired and ready
to be sprayed with primer.
130 spindles, two 15 lite French doors with  picture
framed deep casings and a niche  Everything is
taped and ready to be primmed twice, sanded, and
sprayed with 2 topcoats of Farrow and Ball latex.
Another set of 15 lite true French doors with side lights and deep picture
framed casings, crown molding at 22 feet high and some of the 130 spindles
taped, prepped and ready for primer.
One of two niches in the curved stairwell.  This level of detail is
magnified by  thorough prep work.  Everything is sanded, primed,
filled, caulked, and primed again.  Final sanding and two coats of
Farrow and Ball latex, sanded between coats, and it feels like velvet
to your hand.
Chris and I Hanging real English Farrow and Ball Patterned Wallpaper in a 22' high
stairwell on a curved wall.  Walls are repaired, sanded and primmed with wallpaper
primmer to allow for  future removal.  Pipe scaffold is the only way to hang this
stairwell due to the curved stairs and walls.  This is as challenging as they come.  
Naturally,  it came out beautiful!
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Silver Spring MD 20901
301.608.0631 fax
The finished product.  A proper treatment for a formal
circular stair in an English Manor Home.  Good enough
to be published in the January 2007 edition of "Home
and Design" Magazine.  Photo provided by Stan Kelly of
Stan Kelly Interiors, Washington, DC.
2009 Children's Hospital Designer
Show House,  Georgetown, DC.
Master Sitting Room, Iantha Interiors
I was fortunate this year to be invited to work for a  Couple of Designers at the 2009 Children's Hospital Designer
Show House in Georgetown, DC.  The home is the Rectory House for St. Johns Church at 3238 O St NW,
Washington, DC.

I did the Master Sitting Room and the Master Bath for an up and coming designer Iantha Carley of Iantha Interiors in
Silver Spring Maryland.  Due to the age and disrepair of this home, extensive prep work was required.  Trim was
sanded and filled for days.  Drywall  was floated and skim coated to make old cracked walls smooth before priming
and painting with Farrow and Balls Estate Emulsion paints.  A Frise was added to hide a really  uneven ceiling -

I also was fortunate to be asked to work for Wayne Breedon of Wayne Breedon Interiors in Washington DC.   We
did the Master Bedroom including wall and trim prep, Farrow and Ball estate Emulsion paint on the walls and Trim
and Farrow and Ball Wallpaper on the ceiling.   
The Master Bathroom was completely gutted, the floor leveled
more than two inches, new plumbing and electric including a new
tub, diverter, sub floor  and floor tile, plaster repair, molding, paint,
and wallpaper in the linen closet with Farrow and Ball Vermicelle
wall paper.  This was done in less then three weeks.
2009 Children's Hospital Designer
Show House,  Georgetown, DC.
Master Bathroom, Iantha Interiors